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     Jason Plummer is a singer/songwriter, rancher, outdoorsman, and Recording Artist for 80 Proof Music Group, Inc. Jason is also one half of the country duo - Smith N Western. As a songwriter, Jason has written or co written over 300 songs including the debut single, Fallen Angel, for Smith N Western that reached #75 on the charts in early 2015. For more information about Smith N Western visit smithnwestern.com.

     With two solo studio albums under his belt, Jason is now prepping his third solo album to be released in mid 2016. "I've wanted to do a real country record with a very classic feel but a modern sound and that's exactly what we've done on this one." The title of the new full length studio album will be Country Ain't Dead Yet, and the title track is set to be the first single. "This one has been a long time coming. I've been so busy producing other artists and touring as Smith N Western that I just put myself on the back burner. But I am super excited for this thing to finally come out."

     In June of 2014 80 Proof Music Group, Inc., burned to the ground destroying the main office, recording studio, tour bus, and nearly everything else. Included in the rubble were the masters for Jason first two studio albums - Greenbroke and The Cowboy Way. With no masters and unfortunantly no back up, Jason's future was very uncertain. In an effort to stay in buisiness 80 Proof Music Group planted the idea of Jason teaming up with fellow songwriter Travis Smith to help reduce tour and recording expences. The instant stage chemistry led them to form Smith N Western.  "They have to have something to sell and Smith N Western gave them that product. With both Travis and I writing and working on the creative side it made production go twice as fast. We are just glad we can still make music for a living you know."

     Things are definantly looking up for Jason Plummer as he prepares to release his third studio album, the second EP for Smith N Western, and the sophomore single from Smith N Western - Call Me.

"I just want to say thank you to all the fans for their support. They are the reason we are able to do what we do. Thank You!"

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